What are Face Frame style cabinets? Face Frame style cabinetry is a stronger way of building cabinets. This type of cabinet has a more traditional American look. It is a sturdy type of cabinet and has space between the doors and drawers which allows room for finger pull edges on the doors and drawer. Therefore, handles or knobs are not necessary, but can be used if desired.

What are Frameless or European style cabinets? Frameless or 32 MM is a European or Contemporary Style of cabinetry. All that is seen are the doors and drawers - giving the cabinets a clean, sleek look.. There is no room for finger pulls on the doors so these cabinets require knobs or handles. If you are going to have Thermafoil or plastic laminate doors, this style is very popular because there is no frame to paint or stain.

What are Flush Inset cabinets? Flush inset refers to the doors and drawer fronts seting inside the openings of the cabinets, so that the they are flush with the face frame of the cabinets.

What are appliance panels? Appliance panels are basically doors that slide on to your appliance (refrigerator, dishwasher or trash compactor) Your appliance must be made to accept appliance panels (see appliance cut out sheet).

What are standard, routed or five-piece drawer fronts? You can have your drawer fronts any style you choose. Standard is a plain-flat drawer front. Routed means there will be a routed design to match your door style. Five-piece drawer fronts require 5 pieces to make the drawer front and it will look like your door.

What are Doors cut for Glass and French Lite Doors? Most of our doors can have the center panel cut out making it ready for you to put glass into it! A french lite door is a door with the center cut out and mullions are put in to divide the door in sections.

Who supplies the Glass? You, the owner, supply all glass. Just take your finished doors to any glass shop and they will cut and install the glass into the doors.

What kind of counter tops can I have? There are many different options available. The most common are Corian, Granite and Laminate Formica.

How do I care for my Corian counter tops?: Please read the Corian Care and Maintenance Instructions

What kind of appliances should I get? The sky is the limit! Take a look at our appliance page to see some options.

What is an air gap and basket strainer? See appliance page.

Why do I need an air gap? Air gaps are required by most codes for dishwashers. They are needed to prevent any possible cross-connection between your potable water system and your sewage system. Without an air gap, there is always a chance (however slim) of siphoning contaminants from your sewage system into your drinking water system.

How long do I have to seal my cabinets?: Your cabinets need to be sealed within three (3) days of installation. In areas of high moisture such as beach areas, in wet weather or if you are having trade work done such as tiling, drywall or concrete, it is imperative that the cabinets be sealed right away.

How do I maintain the beauty of my cabinets?: Please read our Cabinet Care and Maintenance Instructions.

What to Expect During your project: Please review the following page for some items that will make your job run smoothly.

What is the sequence of events for my project?: Please review the following sequence of events page to see what order we recommend

How do I remove my doors and adjust my Blum hinges? Watch our video to see how

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